Studio 83

We are a small group of Industrial Design students at Iowa State University looking forward to the future of design. We know how saturated design currently is and we knew we could go past just the pretty renders. We took up a semester of our time to create something tangible and usable because we wanted to show our abilities as a whole. This project would not have been completed without all our input and decision making. Each and every one of us has different abilities that are able to be utilized differently and were very important for various steps of the design process. Studio 83 is a culmination of our skills, talents, and ability to look into the actual production of a product in any material. Together we are a design force that is able to tackle multiple problems and generate working solutions for our future clients. As designers, we all have differing ideas of what a product should look like but what lets us decide on a single solution is our ability to freely think and critique each other. The reason Studio 83 can produce quality work is our dedication to excellence and our strong friendship. Designing a product can become mundane but designing a novel idea with close friends becomes an exciting and important challenge. This is what we strive to do at Studio 83. Not only design working solutions, but to create a new world of options in the design industry.

Team Members

Joshua Becker - Industrial DesignerNathan Timmons - Industrial Designer/EngineerCharlie Erdman - Industrial Designer/Creative DirectorNathan Miklo - Industrial/Transportation DesignerSamuel Christianson - Industrial Designer/Engineer

Special Thanks

Thank you Matthew Obbink for being our mentor and professor through this project. Without his help, we wouldn't have been able to realize this dream. Matt was with us the whole way through and was our woodworking master. There are not enough thanks to cover what he has done for us at Studio 83.

Thank you to Marc Seemann from Gates for donating and letting us use their awesome Gates Carbon Drive system. The overall chain-less bicycle design was completed with this belt drive system.

Thank you to Skunk River Cycles in Ames, Iowa for providing us all of our parts and information about our build requirements. We were able to build a relationship and it helped exponentially in the final product.

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